Welcome to our MK Team.

Let's begin. 

1. Schedule your orientation with Amanda, or your recruiter.

2. Find Amanda and your recruiter on Facebook. 

After your orientation.

1. Make your "Who You Know List"

2. Create a private Facebook customer page. 

3. Decide on your first MK order. 

4. Join one of our virtual meetings and virtual beauty session on Monday or Wednesday night at 730 pm.

Let's go. 

1. Schedule your Virtual Kick Off. 

2. Invite your people to your Facebook Customer page. 

3. Hold your Virtual Kick Off with Amanda and recruiter.

Get Confident. 

1. Start working on 30 faces in 30 days. 

2. Complete your 5 training calls.

3. Attend our weekly Monday meeting for 6 weeks in a row.

4. Track your "Great Start" for your free bonus products. 

Tools & Resources

1. "How do you make a Facebook group?"

2. "What Apps Do What?"

3. "How do I add a customer?"

4. "How do I set up a website, propay?"

5. "How do I post on social media?"

6. "How do I order?"

7.  Skincare + Makeup Knowledge

8. How to Book Beauty Sessions

Apps to Download




Mary Kay MyCustomers+

Mary Kay Skin Analyzer

Mary Kay Great Start

MK eCatalog

Mary Kay Mobile Learning App

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Pic Collage 

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