Kick Off Party

Kick Off Party Flow 

**click the link above for the pdf

1. Pencil in the date


2. Make your list of people. Include ALL. And don't pre-decide for them. Include guys because they have wives, sisters, moms, daughters, etc. 


3. Invite people one on one.  Here is the hierarchy of best forms. When it's closer in person, the better it is. Remember sprinkle it in. 

  • in person

  • paper invite 

  • phone call 

  • text message 

  • social media 


4. Know what to expect. Some will be able to. Some won’t. Some might make fun of you. Some might be excited. It does not matter. One person will never break or make your business. So don’t let ONE person hold you back. This is about following the process.


5.  Take them to their next step. If they can't come, share your sales challenge. If they can come, share your sales challenge and how they can bring a friend. See example below.


6.  Follow up is king. You'll have couple different folks:

- people who say yes/no right away

- people who kinda respond

- people who don't respond


For those that kinda/don't respond, follow up with them a couple times, and space it out. People forget to reply/answer. 


7. 24 Hours Excited to See You Text. This goes a LONG way. I recommend a 24 hour "I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow" text. 

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