Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm*

*Please check The Nieman Unit Facebook page to see if any changes 

6:00 pm - Doors open

6:15 pm - Arrive to set up for your guest 

6:20 pm - Guests arrive 

6:30 pm - Meeting Starts

8:30 pm - Meeting Ends 

How We Roll:

First, be on time and in Mary Kay attire (dress or a skirt) unless otherwise noted OR below 30* outside. Also this is an adult only event. Please leave the cute kiddos at home. We also expect you have communicated this to your guest. 

What To Expect:

First, recognition! Then come observe how to hold a party and facial. You can even book your facials and parties there. I highly recommend this.

We always do skincare. Please bring the following:

Timewise Miracle 3D set

Any other skincare kits you demo

Satin Lips

Satin Hands


Plastic Tray Inserts

Wash Cloths





Gift for your guest (if you like)

Your Favorite Set Sheet 

Amanda provides: 

Meeting sheets (referral game, customer profile)

If you would like to do other products demo, you will have time at the end of night when you meet your guest one on one. This includes any additional spa products or any color. If you are looking to schedule a color appointment, please use the Saturday Color Workshops.


8401 Claude Thomas Rd

-Suite 21a -

Franklin, OH 45005

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