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Women Success Stories in MK 

Karime's Story

An immigrant who built her own successful Mary Kay business, Karime believes every woman should have the same career and life opportunities and dedicates herself to helping other women achieve their goals.

Karime's Story in Spanish

Jordan's Story

The foundation to Jordan Twilley’s Mary Kay business success? Strong family values, a work ethic she learned on the farm, and starting each day with a clear mind and a full cup of coffee.

Kali's Story

For Kali DeBlander Brigham, her Mary Kay business is truly a family affair. The "momtrepreneur" traded an unfulfilling corp job to follow in her mother's footsteps and start her own Mary Kay business, allowing her to financially contribute to her family.

Tina's Story 

For Tina Frantz, her Mary Kay business has opened doors for her and her family. The stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur is now so grateful for her business and the flexibility. 

Leah's Story

Leah Lauchlan started her Mary Kay business while being a brand new teacher. She wanted to "prove it wrong". Not only did she prove it works, she excelled and created a dream life for her growing family.

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